infovillage panels

* Most infovillage Panels are attached to the course itself; some are slightly off.

They are all on the same model both in substance and in form, you will not be able to miss them and answers to the quiz, quiz question-answers, will be facilitated.

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Locality Position
Locality Position
Granges-MarnandAt the church parking
SurpierreAt the church, towards the fountain *
CreminAt the Swin-golf 
ForelIn Forel-dessous, near the old college *
DenezyAt the College, towards the fountain 
Villars-le-ComteOn the village square
ThierrensNear the church
Saint-CiergesAt the crossroads to Auberge du Cheval-Blanc
BoulensRoadside, facing the bread oven
Chapelle/MoudonNear the restaurant Etoile
Peyres-PossensNext to the La Poste
Poliez-PittetOn the Place of Grenier à Blé
Poliez-le-GrandNext to the Auberge communale
Assens (2) On the village square, at the LEB-train station
EchallensAt the LEB-train station
SugnensOn the village square (Parking)
FeyAt the LEB-train station
BercherAt the LEB-train station
OgensOn the road Thierrens-Bercher *
Oppens At the crossroads, in the center of the village towards the Maison de Commune
Bioley-MagnouxNear the restaurant La Petite Auberge
CorrevonNear the church and the fountain
ChanéazIn the center of the village
PrahinsNear the bridge that spans the road
VuissensNear the church, behind the fountain
DémoretAt the church parking
MolondinNear the church 
Chêne-PaquierAt the door of the church
Chavannes-le-ChêneRestaurant terrace Hôtel de Ville
TreytorrensAt the edge of the road, at the fountain
FranexAt the end of the village, direction Payerne
ChamptaurozAt the entrance of the village towards the church
Combremont-le-PetitOn the square 
Combremont-le-GrandNear the church 
CheiryIn the school yard   
SasselOn the parking of the Auberge de l’Etoile